We are professional photographers located in Melaka, Seremban, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We really emphasize nine elements when we take photographs. Those are simple, accessible, comfortable, creative, boundless, alluring, impressive, stirring and finally reminiscent. Simplicity is the first element that we would like to introduce. A simple photo illustrates message which is easily understood, and makes us clear and direct to the point. It's accessible to you by just grasp the point and message from the photo. Creativity is the very important constituent at photo taking. Creativity makes the photo wonderful. You may like these photos that are captured from the angles that show unexpected views and sceneries, bring new thoughts/ideas about the photo's objects. It is good to refresh us that something we ignore in our life; the beauty of the particular object. Boundless thinking makes those objects aim at the unexpected angles. It would result in surprising beauties and stunning photos. Those photos are alluring and appealing. Impressive photos really make us unforgettable. Those photos may carry some sensitive issues to impress us. Different people are impressed by dissimilar elements, like colour, people, pet, background, ring and etc. Sometimes photos are easily stirring our mind and soul. Sometimes, they make us agitated, gleeful, jerky, elated and awful, these feelings would be reminiscent forever.

我们是专业摄影师。我们位于马六甲,芙蓉,雪兰莪和吉隆坡, 马来西亚 。我们在摄影时强调九个要素。这些因素就是简单,方便,舒适,富有创造力,无限,诱人,令人印象深刻,激动人心,最后让人联想。第一个因素就是简单。一个简单的照片很容易被理解,也很明显,指向重点。你很容易掌握有关照片的信息。创造力是一个非常重要的因素。富有创造力会使相片很精彩。你会喜欢这一类的照片。摄影这一类的相片都是从一个想不到的角度来拍。会带给你新的感觉与看法。这会使我们留意到一些我们平时没有留意到的东西 : 某个物体的美感。如果有无限的想法,我们可以看到不同的角度。这将导致令人惊讶和令人惊叹的照片。这些照片很诱人。令人印象深刻的照片,让我们刻骨铭心。这些照片可能带有一些敏感问题,让我们留下深刻的印象。不同的人会留下不同的印象,例如颜色,人物,宠物,背景,戒指等。有时候,照片很容易激起我们的思想和灵魂。它们使我们激动,高兴,生涩,兴高采烈和可怕,这些感觉将永远使人联想。